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The Co-Founders



Bonita Lloyd Nettles

Bonita G. LloydNettles, co-founder of Harlem Renaissance Economic Development Corp. (est 1999) has a passion to inspire, educate and serve through business and culture. With over twenty years experience in economic development and a diverse background in corporate finance, marketing , manufacturing and banking, Bonita utilizes her experience and expertise to create jobs, eliminate poverty and create and preserve community wealth. Bonita has custom designed and delivered comprehensive business development initiatives for Columbia Business School, , Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone, New York City Housing Authority, Chase Bank, NYC Department of Small Business Services and NYC Business Solutions.

Harold 'MANSOURNettles

Harold E. Nettles (1948-2011) was a, co-founder of Harlem Renaissance Economic Development Corp. along with Bonita G. LloydNettles. He was also an urban pioneer, an Air Force veteran and an award-winning art and entertainment entrepreneur. Mansour, as Harold was known, was a visionary with extraordinary insight that he utilized to create the strategic direction for the not for profit that he helped to create. Working alongside Bonita, Harold also utilized this creative genius to help others launch and grow their businesses. He inspired physically and educationally challenged young people to overcome what are perceived to be limitations and encouraged and helped them to pursue their passion through entrepreneurship.

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